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Close protection (bodyguarding) services

Close Protection is the professional term given to licensed ‘bodyguarding’ within the US, it covers all aspects of personal security guarding outside the remit of licensed venues. Our Close protection officers or ‘bodyguards’ are considered the highest quality of security guard, trained to deliver personal protection services for high-threat or high-end requirements. Through a rigid selection process OSA GLOBAL hires the best ex-military close protection officers in the US ensuring you receive, literally, the best of the best protection.

OSA GLOBAL provides you with a professional security outfit, from a single bodyguard/driver (low risk), to a complete personal escort section (high risk). Every OSA GLOBAL customer can rest assured, we are not only here for you during your service, we are here for life.

Alongside your bespoke security package, You will receive;

  • A single service manager

  • A 24hr operations team

  • Access to unlimited resources

  • Free range to adapt or change your security detail

  • An entire company’s worth of experience and knowledge

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